About Us
Quality Health Care In
North Dakota and Illinois

SMP Health System was founded in 1903 and has since grown to 12 quality care locations across eight cities and two states. Our facilities include hospitals, home care, and skilled nursing facilities in North Dakota and Illinois. Sponsored by the Sisters of Mary of the Presentation, it is our mission to continue the healing ministry of Jesus.

In our early days, the sisters were responsible for all aspects of hospital operations. As the healthcare industry evolved, the sisters invited the laity to help with administration and became one of the first religious orders to establish boards of directors for their health care operations, which was originally named SMP Central Management Corporation.

Our quality care focuses on the needs of the whole person. We believe that through the healing ministry of Jesus, we can make a difference.

Aaron K. Alton


Becky L. Hanson

VP of Finance

JT Kennelly

VP of Mission and Formation

Jack Kennelly

VP of Strategy